Leonard Lake and ‘Operation Miranda’

Leonard Lake of San Francisco, USA was a Vietnam War veteran who adopted a ‘survivalist’ lifestyle upon his return to civilian life. Lake was convinced of an impending global nuclear conflict, the solution to which he named ‘Operation Miranda’.  He intended to survive the armageddon by living in a self made bunker and repopulating the human race with a collection of female sex slaves.

Living out of a remote ranch stocked with multitude of weapons and nearby ‘torture caves’, Lake along with accomplice and felow murderer Charles Ng, lured between 12 and 25  men, women and children into their lair where they were tortured, sexally abused and murdered.

Upon being brought to a local police station for questioning in 1985, Lake asked for a glass of water, and disreetly swallowed a cyanide pill hidden in his lappel. He died shortly after.

Wikipedia has the low-down after the jump:

Leonard Lake on Wikipedia

“…When Lake was 6, he and his siblings were sent to live with their grandparents after their parents had separated. He was a bright child, but had an obsession with pornography that stemmed from taking nude photos of his sisters, apparently with the encouragement of his grandmother.[1] It was also alleged that Lake extorted sexual favors from his sisters…”


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