Edward ‘The Beast of Jersey’ Paisnel

This really is the stuff of nightmares.

Edward Paisnel terrorised the Channel Island of Jersey in the 1960’s, raping and assaulting numerous women and children. What makes Paisnel’s crimes all the more disturbing was the self-styled ‘Beast’ outfit he designed. – a hideously disfigured rubber mask and wristbands studded with nails.

He was eventually caught trying to evade a police roadblock after an attack on a young girl.

The police found his costume in the boot.

Wikipedia has the low-down after the jump:

“…Suspicion, both official and social, for the attacks initially fell on an eccentric agricultural worker and fisherman, Alphonse Le Gastelois, who was arrested as the prime suspect but released through lack of evidence. Public suspicion remained so strong that Le Gastelois’ cottage was burnt down in an act of arson.[2] Le Gastelois, fearing for his life, fled to Les Écréhous where he spent 14 years in self-imposed exile on La Marmotière as the second self-styled king of the Écréhous[3] despite being cleared of suspicion when the attacks of the Beast of Jersey continued unabated…”


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